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Product Excellence Guarantee:

At Eternity Us, we make it a point to provide you with products that are defect free. In case they are carrying any defect, you can place a return request immediately to get a full refund.

Our items carry a 3-year manufacturer’s Warranty valid in the US only. This warranty covers defective parts experienced under normal wear, and any labor cost that might be incurred to repair them. 

The warranty is valid only at Eternity Us. If you perform an improper repair of warranty service other than from us, this warranty will be voided. 

We assure that all pieces of jewelry you buy from Eternity Us is genuine, authentic and of consistently high quality and value.

We disclaim any liability for consequential or accidental damages for breach of written or implied warranty of this item. This includes merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. With our warranty you get specific legal rights. Besides this, you have other rights, that which vary from state to state. While in some states there is exclusion or limitation of incidental damages / consequential damages. In these cases, the limitations mentioned above will not apply to you.

Eternity Ring Sizing:

We cannot resize the Eternity ring as the stones are set all around the ring, but at the same time we offer as 30 Day risk-free shopping to you on all Eternity Rings. So, you can exchange the rings purchased from Eternity Us for the ones in a different size within the first 30 days from the date of receipt.

Stone Replacement:

Being ardent believers in building lasting customer relationships, we provide unmatched service to you long after you have made your purchase with us. As part of our replacement commitment, we provide the option to replace up to 1 diamond for the initial period of 3 years delivery, which is Free of Charge under warranty.  (Please take a look at the section below to look for exclusions)

It is worth mentioning here that if you send an item for repair, it will be your responsibility to bear the shipping charges.

International Orders:

Our 3 year warranty does not include:

  • Regular wear and tear including scratches, dents, nicks or missing stones (an exception here is the 1 diamond as stated above).
  • We don’t cover any water damage, though our jewelry is moisture resistant.
  • We also don’t cover fading/chipping of the material on the product (as this involves the way you handle the bought product).
  • Any lost or stolen parts of the product are also not covered by us.
  • If a damage is caused because of personal negligence, it will be not covered by us.
  • Accidental damage during the possession of customer is not covered.
  • Product tampering or failure to adhering to the special handling instructions is also not covered by us.

It is worth mentioning here that if you send an item for repair, it will be your responsibility to bear the shipping charges.

For repair, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Once you ship your merchandise for repair, you need to call us or email us at sales@eternityus.com. When sending the merchandise, you must not forget to include your Name, Order Number and Item Number with the merchandise. Also, mention the word “Repair” in the body of the email.
  • You need not make any reference to the contents in the box you are sending.
  • Please also provide a copy of invoice as well along with the item you wish to get repaired.

You must send the products for repair to the following address: 

Eternity Us

2 University Plaza Dr #100

Hackensack NJ 07601

We recommend you to insure your package against damages and/or theft. In case, you don’t it will be solely your responsibility to any loss or damage it might incur during the shipping process. We also recommend to insure your item for the total amount that you spent while purchasing the item.

If you send an item for repair, it will be your responsibility to bear the shipping charges.

We suggest you use a shipping carrier that provides a tracking receipt as well as insurance against the item, preferably Federal Express or UPS.

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