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GIA Diamond Eternity Rings 

Our diamond eternity rings for men and women tell a story of commitment and perfection. Let this story of romance become your own.

Eternity Bands for Men & Women
You've met your perfect match. You searched and discovered a treasure, a rare and exceptional find. Now, you will have expertly crafted GIA Eternity rings that represent the eternity of love.

Each eternity band is a perfect unbroken circle representing the wholeness of two becoming one. Each diamond is chosen by hand, matched for color, clarity, and size. Set with precision. Polished to perfection. The diamond eternity band is as complex as it is simple. Hours of expertise go into selecting GIA certified diamonds that will encircle your fingers and reflect the enduring love that you share.

Diamonds for Men & Women
Diamonds are durable. Diamonds are hard. The hardest substance known to man, the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Their singular strength makes diamonds appealing to men. Diamonds are beautiful. Diamonds are scintillating. Their high refractive index allows diamonds to disperse the colors of the spectrum in bursts of fire. When perfectly matched diamonds are set into eternity bands, the result is a timeless design that appeals to both men and women. Strength and beauty. Precision and grace. These elements combine in a harmonious design that will endure the test of time in our GIA Eternity Rings.

The Perfect Symbol of a Perfect Match
Our GIA diamond eternity rings are made with love and precision. It takes years of training to develop the expert eye capable of recognizing what many other jewelers miss: the subtle beauty of each individual diamond that creates balance and harmony within the eternity band. And with the world’s leading authority on diamonds and gemstones confirming each diamond’s characteristics you can trust that our expertise is backed by GIA certification for every diamond eternity band.  In fact, we are the only company currently selling GIA certified diamond eternity rings.

High Tech and High Touch
Your rings are created with state of the art technology to ensure a level of precision allowing each diamond to complete a perfect circle. The prong settings allow for maximum light play as each facet performs its exciting effect in a way that only diamonds can do. Using computer aided design, each band is made to exacting standards. Each diamond is selected through a matching process only attained through expertise. It takes a discerning eye to sort and select the diamonds that will become the ultimate symbol of your commitment. When your diamond GIA eternity band touches your finger, you will never want to take it off.

A Ring Like No Other
No other company is doing what we do; taking the time to combine highly trained diamond sorters with cutting edge technology to create a story of romance. The diamond endures because there is nothing else like it. Your rings, like your relationship, will endure because there is no other couple quite like you. Your diamond GIA eternity rings will show it.

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