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Types of Eternity Diamond Rings to Celebrate a Day With Round Cut, Emerald Cut Eternity Band, and More

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Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

A special day in your life should not pass unremarkably. And to make your engagement, wedding or anniversary day memorable for both you and your beloved one, you should pick something that has a story that dates back to centuries ago. Something that symbolizes your eternal, undecaying, true passion for your beloved. Nothing can achieve this goal better for you than an eternity diamond ring.

An eternity diamond ring also referred to as an infinity ring symbolizes eternal love. It’s designed with identically cut diamonds in a way that an unending circle is shaped. The diamonds may come as round cut, emerald cut, oval cut, radiant cut, etc. and are placed on the band generally made of gold or any other precious stone.

The idea of eternity rings first came into existence around 4000 years ago in Egypt. The ring used to serve the same purpose back then. People used to offer this ring to their beloved ones not only to celebrate occasions but to express their never-ending love. These rings were often made of non-precious metals as well.

In more modern times, the purpose of this ring has been kept the same. But the rings are no more made of anything other than precious stones like diamonds and are gifted only on special occasions. Generally, the eternity diamond rings are prescribed to be worn on the ring finger. If married, this ring can also be worn in the same finger with wedding and engagement rings in different compositions.

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GIA Certified Eternity Rings and Bands: know the stone before you buy one

The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, has been looking into the quality of precious stones like diamonds and the jewelries made of them. Through extensive research, they have set standards for grading diamonds to help customers during the purchase. Their grading matrix is widely known as 4Cs in the industry which indicates Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Depending on these, they provide certification to diamonds. If you go on to buy GIA certified eternity rings, you are sure to offer your beloved one an authentic piece.

Diamonds used in jewelry, unlike popular belief, in not completely colorless. Completely colorless diamonds are rare and not used in jewelry. GIA has graded diamonds in 23 shades of colors ranging from nearly colorless to light brown or yellow.  Regarding Clarity, diamonds are classified in 11 grades indicating how flawless or included they are. This grading is done very carefully and minutely, magnifying the surface and inside of a diamond.

Diamond’s cut is determined by how well its facet deals with the light. Diamond’s beauty largely depends on its relationship with light. GIA grade diamonds’ cut depending on their brightness, fire, and Scintillation. Diamonds with better properties are graded higher. The last of 4Cs is Carat. While grading a diamond, GIA takes its carat into consideration. Higher the carat, the better the diamond is graded.

Thus, looking for GIA certified eternity rings can be a great option before purchasing for you. You can blindly make your choice based on the GIA grading even if you have minimum knowledge about diamond quality.

Round Cut Eternity Bands
Round cut eternity bands or rings are one prominent variation in the market. In these rings, the diamonds are identical, as the name suggests, round cut. They run across the whole surface of the ring to create a loop of round-cut precious stones causing it to look like never-ending sparkle. Round cut eternity bands are a popular variant and certainly have the ability to reflect your never-ending love for your beloved.

Emerald-Cut Eternity Bands
If you want your eternity band to stand out among other exquisite looking eternity diamond bands, the emerald cut eternity band is the best option for you. An emerald cut diamond is geometrically different from any other cut. When a number of emerald cut diamonds are lined upon your eternity band, it looks more attractive and catchier. For the diamonds’ unique shape, this ring reflects more white light, turning the ring into flashier, still pleasing to eyes.

Princess-Cut Eternity Bands
Princess cut eternity band has come into existence a bit late than other variations. This one is a customization of square cut and is more popular for engagements and weddings. The customized square shape of this ring gives it a royal look that explains the the naming of this eternity diamond ring.

Other variations of eternity diamond rings can be oval, cushion, heart and radiant cut rings. Each kind has a different, elegant story to tell. Depending on your taste, choice and the occasion, you have to find out the best fit for you. In any case, do not forget to ask for the GIA certification for the product before you make up your mind for any specific variation.

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