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The Good Things Happening Around the World amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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Good Things During COVID-19

It’s become a routine – you wake up every morning only find yourself reading bleak news about COVID-19 virus. It’s all doom and gloom. Is it? While we have been confined to our homes, scared of this virus outbreak, there have been a few good things happening around us.

The earth is healing itself. The flora and fauna, which had been under stress due to excessive human intervention has found an opportunity to bounce back. Birds have come out, animals are running in the open once again, water resources have become free from contaminants, god knows after how many years. And, humanity is finding its way out in the form of plenty of good human beings.

‘Every gift from a loved one is a wish for your happiness.’

Albert Camus

Let us check out what good has been happening around in the world, amidst this coronavirus outbreak:

● Earth is Healing:
During this time, when humans have been confined to their homes, our planet has been restoring itself. The lockdown has caused positive changes in our environment. According to the World Air Quality data, the air quality has rapidly improved since last month. Carbon emission has dropped and small pollutants like Nitrogen Dioxide have also declined by 71 percent. Sky and water bodies are getting clearer, letting wildlife to return to its original habitat. Due to the reduction of industrial pollution, our environment has shown great progress in healing itself.

● Animals are Happier: From endangered species to our own pets, animals surely are enjoying having humans staying at home. With so many of us spending time at home, adoption centers are being cleared out with an influx of people willing to adopt animals. Animals in the wild are also using this opportunity to show themselves in places where usually humans would be. Sea turtles around the world are laying their eggs without any fear of human intervention. The journey from the beach to the sea has become easier due to humans staying home. Beaches in Brazil, Florida, Odisha and many other places have witnessed endangered species beginning to thrive. Even in Thailand, the largest number of leatherbacks in 20 years was just observed.

● Learning Time: With so much free time on our hands and with the power of the internet, we have access to thousands of free courses and materials. Google Arts & Culture is offering virtual tours of over two thousand museums from 80 countries. Take a stroll down the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or admire the beautiful pieces at Uffizi Gallery in Florence. There’s plenty for you to explore. The Internet Archive has created a National Emergency Library containing 1.4 million books that you can access for free from anywhere in the world! Even if you’re looking for a more guided learning, many universities are offering courses online free of cost.

● Thriving Community Service: Take this opportunity to help out those who are less fortunate and those who have been affected by the economic halt. We have been hearing inspirational stories from around the world where people have raised funds for campaigns hosted by WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF. Not only did they serve humans but also fed stray dogs making sure they don’t starve due to the closing of restaurants, which is a major source of food for them. We are touched reading the stories and hope it will ignite a spark in all of us to contribute in our own little way.

● Relationships Growing Stronger: While there have been a number of memes being circulated about how tough it is for couples staying inside their home, there are a few who are inspiring others by giving tough relationship goals. For instance, you need to check out the recently engaged couple that donated 400 wedding meals to hospital workers – restores your faith in humanity once again, right? And, there are plenty other such stories.

The sheer positivity emerging from people all around the world really takes the sting out of this situation. People are coming together and uniting communities to fight this pandemic. And, nothing could be stronger than the convergence of hope and love – could it be? Follow us for more stories, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram!

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