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Why Are Diamond Eternity Rings The Best Choice For Marriage?

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Diamond eternity rings represent everlasting love and are the essence of marriage. For generations, the diamond eternity ring and wedding band have symbolised two people’s commitment to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Wedding rings have indeed been treasured since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Both spouses in marriage now wear wedding bands full of meaning, from the ring’s circular to the magnificent diamond or diamonds placed within the ring.

‘Every gift from a loved one is a wish for your happiness.’

Albert Camus

The form of wedding bands is round. While this makes an intuitive explanation as your fingers are round, the circle has a deeper meaning. Infinite love and an everlasting marriage are symbolised by circles, which have neither beginning nor end. The left hand’s ring finger is historically and virtually usually worn with diamond wedding bands. This is because Greek and Roman people thought that the vein in this specific finger went up straight through to the heart thousands of years ago. Although this is a myth debunked by scientists, the metaphor is still something lovers choose to cling to for its amorous significance.

For so long, GIA certified diamond rings have remained a significant motif of engagement and weddings that it’s tempting to imagine they’ve constantly been this way. “Diamonds are eternal” is a well-known phrase that associates diamonds with consistency, devotion, and long-term durability. A Diamond Jubilee is a 60th wedding anniversary notable for its duration. But did diamonds always enjoy such a high level of popularity?

Although the answer is “no,” the explanations tell a tale almost as fascinating as the gems themselves. Diamond rings are attractive for several reasons, including spiritual, mundane, and extravagant ones. Continue reading for a quick summary of how diamonds became a popular symbol of marriage.

The History Of Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamonds were extremely scarce and consequently extremely precious until the nineteenth century. When they were discovered, they were utilised ceremonially by royalty and the church as symbols of power and clarity. Even though the ancients possessed diamonds and engagement rings, they did not merge the two owing to the gem’s rarity. Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy the very first diamond engagement ring in 1477.

Diamonds were found and mined during the colonisation of Africa. The once-uncommon jewel has become increasingly common, lowering its monetary worth. As a result, the biggest mining businesses in Africa were merged under the DeBeers organisation. This enterprise, which discovered itself with a lot of goods and no consumers, started a lot of the contemporary history of the diamond. Given there are enough diamonds to go around, the general population needed to be informed. “Diamonds are everlasting,” DeBeers opted to proclaim, and it developed as one of the most brilliant marketing slogans of all time. Diamonds have become the go-to stone when asking one’s beloved for their permission to marry after the slogan got viral in the late 1930s. Although diamonds became increasingly available, diamond rings remained pricey; thus, a man who could purchase a diamond ring for his prospective bride was “clearly” affluent enough to provide her with a comfortable existence. Brides’ families used to receive a less romantic gift, or money payment, for the bride’s hand before diamonds, that fulfilled a similar role.


A diamond lasts a lifetime, much like your love should. This diamond has proven to be a remarkable emblem of toughness as well as longevity over the millennia. This is precisely the signal a diamond engagement ring sends: a solid marriage built on trust and love.

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