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Best Eternity Ring Shapes to Gift for Christmas New Year

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Diamond eternity band and rings

Christmas, as well as New year, is coming in a few days, and we all are in party mode. Everyone wants to dress up and go to different places during this time of the year. So, why not gift your better half something that can go along with his or her outfit. This is the best time to gift your spouse a diamond eternity ring, and make him or her feel special.

As we all know, diamonds are super expensive so, think about all the features you want in the diamond eternity ring. Most of us neglect one of the main topics while buying the ring that is the shape of the eternity ring. But, which shape of the eternity ring should you purchase for them.

Whether it is a gorgeous emerald diamond eternity band or an elegant round cut diamond eternity band, they all would look great.

‘Every gift from a loved one is a wish for your happiness.’

Albert Camus

How To Pick the Right Diamond Cut Eternity Ring? 

When individuals talk about a diamond’s cut, they are usually referencing the diamond’s shape instead of the cut itself. In most cases, the stone cut relates to the diamond’s purity rather than its appearance. Don’t get confused between the cut and the shape of the diamond in the eternity ring.

Princess cut diamond rings appear to be a trendy option among newlyweds. As charming and historical aesthetics make a gradual reappearance, the cushion cut is now becoming widely attractive. Nevertheless, in the realm of diamond eternity rings, the dazzling round cut diamond eternity band shape remains the most preferred.

The most frequent diamond forms are described and explained as follows:

  1. Round cut diamond eternity band

The round cut diamond eternity band ring is perhaps the most common pick amongst happily married couples since it is incredibly adaptable and comes in a variety of appealing styles. It may or may not incorporate additional stones, as the round diamond eternity ring can usually be used as a stunning solo by itself.

  1. Princess cut diamond band

Cubical princess cut diamond engagement rings are rapidly catching up to round cut diamond eternity band rings in popularity. The stone in the center of a princess cut diamond ring is usually complemented with other tiny diamonds.

  1. Emerald diamond eternity band

A rectangular stone with curved sides is the form of an emerald diamond eternity band. The diamond’s shape indicates a poorer cut grade. As a result, an emerald diamond eternity band is more likely to have imperfections and reflects less lighting, leaving it seems dull and mediocre.

  1. Radiant diamond shape band

Cube diamonds with gently cut borders are known as radiant-shaped diamonds. A radiant diamond, like an emerald diamond eternity band, often radiates a lot more lighting and has the sparkle and brightness of a round cut diamond eternity band.

  1. Asscher diamond shape band

Diamonds with the Asscher shape have a squared shape with intensely cut borders. They usually have a dazzling shine and luster to them. This form is extremely unusual and in high demand.

  1. Oval diamond eternity band

A relatively small center diamond and a sophisticated framework are common characteristics of an oval diamond eternity band. This form is ideal for folks with smaller fingers because it blends in and does not overshadow a delicate or tiny hand.

  1. Heart shaped diamond band

This form is more commonly found in necklaces and is more of a surprise piece. Heart shaped diamond eternity rings are unusual and hard to make. As a result, a heart-shaped diamond wedding ring’s purity and lustre are unlikely to be outstanding. This form of stone is more likely to have defects.

  1. Pear shaped diamond band

A pear-shaped stone, often known as a teardrop form, is typically utilized in earrings and neckpieces. It is hard to add more diamonds to this ring because of its imbalanced design. As a result, pear shaped eternity rings are frequently worn as solitaires. It is a terrific alternative for folks who have tiny or thin fingers because it can give them a longer appearance.

  1. Cushion diamond shape

The cushion cut diamond is particularly unusual, resembling ancient and traditional patterns. As a result, finding it is tough. Cushion cut diamond wedding rings are now becoming extremely popular as the romantic charm of vintage jewellery makes a reappearance. This form is frequently used as a stunning solitaire diamond eternity ring.

On a concluding note

These were the different shapes of eternity rings found all around the world. Select the best one for your loved ones and surprise them on this Christmas or New Year and make them feel special and loved. Hope this article helped you in selecting an appropriate diamond shape for your better half.

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