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What is Top Choice Diamond Shapes 2021? Oval Cut or Round Cut Eternity Band?

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Diamond Shapes 2021

Talking about fashion, engagement rings are an important part of it. Although, the trend changes over time and that goes for both the center stone shape as well as the overall design. Now taking a step further, even the specific cutting style of the shape can also become popular with the given time. Take an example, one of the most demanding types of radiant is none other than the square radiant cut diamonds. But in recent years, the elongated ones have surpassed them. The heart eternity ring is yet another diamond shape.

The ratio of the diamond is the length divided by the width. Moreover, the round diamond eternity band will always stay at the top choice, the fancy shape diamonds will go up and down depending on the recent fashion trends. It basically depends on the choice of engagement ring shoppers what they like the most will be in trend. Here are some of the most popular choice diamond shapes in 2021.

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  1. Oval Cut Diamonds

The greatest rise in terms of popularity is the oval diamond eternity band for an engagement ring-center stone shape. A few years ago, they were nowhere to be found and people used to consider them as old-fashioned and outdated. But from the year 2014, there were certain innovations done in them and from then there is a non-stop rise as some of the top clients always demand the same to give the full finger coverage.

It comes with a fluid appearance and with round edges on both tips. This looks pretty flattering on the hand and you can pair it up well with a large variety of custom engagement ring designs.

  1. Round Brilliant Diamonds

Now coming to the next type of diamond shape is the round brilliant diamond that is in high demand with a 22% rise. And this isn’t for a time being but this kind of diamond shape is leading for generations now. You will see that the round diamond doesn’t come with the most sparkle of any shape. This is due to the fact that it is cut to very precise angles as well as measurements.

It will give a larger surface area and hence, there is no question of wasted weight. They are priced higher than any other shapes and this is not due to the demand. But, making the round brilliant diamonds require more of the raw rough materials. Talking about the engagement rings, they are clearly one of the top-selling ones.

  1. Cushion Cut Diamonds

Another type of diamond shape is the cushion cut diamond ring that gained popularity in the early days of this century and has been leading a steady life since then. There are notable clients who love the soft pillow-like appearance that comes with bowed-out sides along with rounded corners.

It is by far one of the most complex of all the shapes due to the fact that there are so many different variations within it. Usually, cushion cut diamonds were used primarily in halo engagement ring designs but you can find them in all different styles from solitaire style rings to delicate pave band rings and three-stone rings.

  1. Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds come in two varieties as the elongated ones as well as the square ones. The elongated ones are highly popular in the past few years and only a few clients got their hands on the square ones. Having a properly cut elongated radiant will give you the constant sparkle along with brilliance. This comes with the same outline as an emerald cut with parallel sides as well as the cut corners. However, due to the brilliant-cut stone, this will look fierier and nice.

You will find the center-stone highly versatile and it looks good as the center piece of three-stone ring will give you the halo designs and beautiful look. Even more you will find that the elongated radiant cut diamonds have a starting ratio which is around 1.25:1 and they can go as high as about 1.4:1.

  1. Pear Shape Diamonds

Talking about the diamond shapes that are in demand, the pear shape ones are pretty popular. It was out of sight and favor for some time but yet again got the popularity back. In fact, clients used to favor this one ever the marquise as it has the softer and more graceful look. You will like the pointed tip right at the bottom along with the rounded edge on top. Moreover, if you want a ring for your finger coverage, then the pear shape could be an ideal choice for you.

Apart from the aforementioned marquise cut, this comes with the highest length to width ratio of 1.6:1 and is a nice target area too. The floating appearance as well as the delicacy and the contrast will surely attract you if you are looking for a classy engagement ring.

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