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10 Essential Tips To Find Out The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Is it your engagement in the upcoming days? Congratulations! You want to shop for the perfect dress and have a perfect venue but have you started shopping for your engagement ring? Well! We know that buying an engagement ring and then gearing up for the beautiful proposal should be pretty exciting and it is easy to get caught up in the romance. However, keep in mind that an engagement ring is pretty expensive and you want to make the perfect decision.

‘Every gift from a loved one is a wish for your happiness.’

Albert Camus

Whether you will be scouting out for rings together or you will go out to shop alone, this guide will surely help you to find out the best engagement ring for your significant other. Now, there is abundance of diamond eternity rings that might catch your attention, but you need to keep these guidelines in mind before you choose one. 

  1. Set The Budget

One of the primary factors that you must keep in mind is to set the budget. It is a heavy investment and you must have your budget set so that you don’t end up in an awkward situation and get the best engagement ring of your choice within your budget. If you opt for the round cut diamond eternity band, then they can cost you a little more than the other kind of bands. 

  1. Keep In Mind Her Style

The second important factor is to keep in mind her style. Check on what kind of style she would love to wear as a diamond engagement ring. She might like the round cut diamond rings or she might consider the ornate halo engagement ring. Going for an engagement ring that reflects her style would just be perfect. 

  1. Decide On The Shape

When you think of buying an engagement ring, one of the vital steps is to decide on the shape of the diamond. However, it depends on the personal choice and there are shapes for every personality starting from oval styles to heart-shaped rings.

Some might opt for the classic look of the round brilliant solitaire ring or they can go for the cushion-cut with a pave band. Some people might go for the unique pear-shaped ring or the emerald eternity ring.

If you consider the appearance, try to go for a shape that appears larger and the round cut diamond ring gives the best look. Apart from that, you can go for the Emerald Cut as well as the Marquise Cut. 

  1. Understand The Basics Of Diamond

While you think of buying a diamond engagement ring, you need to have a basic understanding of the four C’s. Yes! The fours C’s are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. It will help you to get the best diamond ring. Here is a quick guide for you to check:

  • Cut: Try to choose the ideal cut diamond and ensure that the stone offers the most brilliance and fire. Cuts decide the beauty of diamonds.
  • Clarity: A VS1 or VS2 clarity offers the best value and you can see it with the naked eye. Blemishes as well as the inclusions are not noticeable at these grades.
  • Color: Always opt for the diamond in the nearly colorless range of the G-I. The diamond will look colorless via the naked eye and will cost far less.
  • Carat: Carat is important as the sparkle and beauty matter a lot. And try to buy a certain carat weight. Try to find the largest carat but it should fit within your budget. 
  1. Get The Best Brilliant Diamond

It is very much important to find out the best brilliant diamond as a good quality diamond is determined by the fire and the brilliance. Try to evade the diamond that has cuts too shallow because the light hits the pavilion at a low angle. Everything depends on the reflection and the sharp angle of reflection will cause the diamond to be less radiant. 

  1. Choose The Perfect Metal

There are four main types of the setting metals such as the rose gold, platinum, yellow gold, and white gold. Check out what is the preference of your significant partner when it comes to the metal of the engagement ring. And then the second thing that you should consider is the gold composition: 14K or 18K gold. 

  1. Choose The Setting

Selecting the right setting for the solitaire diamond will only enhance the features. However, it should match your personality and check what is the preference of your fiancé-to-be. 

  1. Get The Right Size For Her

It might seem difficult but you can surely get the right size for her as it is equally important to get the correct engagement ring size. Having an incorrect ring size will not look good. 

  1. Add Special Meaning

When you are buying an engagement ring, you need to add a little bit of sentiment to it. There are several ways to add sentiments to your engagement rings. Try to make it a little more special for your fiancé-to-be may be by adding a symbol of your bond or your nick names on the ring. 

  1. Ensure To Have The Right Certificate

You need to check that you are having the right certificate before you go and purchase any diamond. You know that not all diamond certificates are equally reliable so you need to be a little careful.

Diamonds are forever and so will be your relationship !! Make it even more distinct by gifting that someone special the perfect gift. Choose contemporary to traditional emerald rings only from Eternity US to celebrate your love and togetherness forever.

All the best!

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