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Questions to Consider Before Purchasing an Eternity Diamond Ring

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Emerald Diamond Eternity Band

Symbolizing everlasting love, a diamond eternity ring is a dazzling celebration of everlasting love. This diamond circle is known by various names, including eternity ring, eternity band, celebration ring, diamond wedding ring, and full diamond band. There are various occasions for giving a diamond eternity ring since there are many instances when individuals wish to commemorate never-ending love. However, an eternity band is generally the second most significant fine jewellery purchase a couple makes after the engagement ring. Because there are extra quality factors to consider, purchasing an emerald diamond eternity band is a little more challenging than purchasing an engagement ring. Hence it would help if you asked few questions before buying an eternity ring.

‘Every gift from a loved one is a wish for your happiness.’

Albert Camus

What does it cost to buy an emerald eternity ring?

Set a budget for your emerald eternity band purchase first. Once you start seeing the alternatives, you may need to move it up or down, but it will help you focus and impact your selections of diamond size, diamond grade, and setting metal. It is totally up to you what pricing range you choose. An eternity ring often costs similar to the price of a diamond engagement ring. An eternity diamond ring is one of the most popular wedding bands in the world.

Which is better: a half eternity ring or a full eternity ring?

The continuous circle of diamonds represents the everlasting ring. However, other couples choose a half-emerald eternity ring or a three-quarters eternity band, which contains diamonds halfway around the finger. The metal at the back of these half eternity diamond rings allows them to be sized. Because the ring size of an eternity band cannot be altered, a compromise like this is a smart alternative if your finger size varies or will fluctuate in the future. It also enables passing down the eternity band to a family member with a different finger size easy.

What is the best setting style for an eternity ring?

There are much different eternity rings styles to choose from. A pave eternity ring setting is the most popular, and it is most commonly used for delicate eternity bands that complement an engagement ring. A split prong eternity ring consists of four distinct prongs that branch from the band’s base to grip each diamond. It allows more light into the setting than the pave setting, producing greater sparkle. If you are looking for a ring with two diamonds that share prongs, look no further than the shared prong eternity ring. The diamonds are kept in a channel between bars of metal that wrap around the ring finger in channel set eternity rings if you desire additional metal surrounding each stone. The diamonds can be kept in place by tiny pave prongs in front or from behind. Although the other metal protects the diamonds, it also reduces the amount of light that reaches them. 

Which is the good diamond shape for an eternity ring?

Although round diamonds are the most attractive option for eternity bands, other diamond shapes may also appeal. Because the straight edges of each diamond may be set side by side, resulting in a complete wall of brilliance around the finger, princess cut eternity bands, radiant cut eternity bands, and emerald-cut eternity bands, in particular, are particularly striking. Oval and marquise cut diamonds are two other types of diamonds that make beautiful eternity bracelets. Combining forms may also be used to create a pattern.

For an eternity ring, what size diamonds are best?

Eternity bands are often combined with other rings on the same finger and are generally chosen to match those rings in terms of their diamond size and shape. Instead of thinking about the carat weight of each diamond, consider the width of the ring in millimetres. Because the diamonds are on the side as well as in front and rear, the larger the diamonds in your ring, the higher the band will be and the more you will feel it between your fingers. An eternity band’s total weight might range from less than a carat to seven carats or even more.

Which metal is ideal for an eternity ring?

Only precious metals should be considered while choosing a metal for your eternity band. Sterling silver is not robust enough to withstand the wear and tear that an eternity band is subjected to. The ideal metals to use are platinum or gold. Platinum is extremely strong, even in tiny strands, so it firmly keeps stones in place. Gold is also quite durable, and it comes in a variety of colours, including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, to complement the other rings you wear daily. Platinum is the ideal metal for an essential eternity band since it will blend in with the diamonds seamlessly and keep them secure. Ensure that you inquire about the metal used in your ring.

Wrapping it up

Before buying the eternity diamond ring, you should consider the questions mentioned above. These questions will give you to buy a high-quality ring for your engagement. You can approach Eternity as the best quality engagement ring provider to get better results.

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