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A Glimpse Of The Celebrity Hottest Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond Engagement Rings - Emerald Cut Eternity Band

Stunning celebrity rings are a proof that diamond is forever – if not marriage. Love and engagement rings go hand in hand, and these celebrities go an extra mile to showcase their love with the most expensive ring possible. From Princess Diana to Reese Witherspoon to Jennifer Lopez- they have been in the limelight for engagement rings they received as a token of love.

Crafting the most unique engagement takes so many things into consideration- the design, gem, style, metal, size and a lot of craftsmanship- after all it is a statement. Celebrity jewellery is much more than an engagement ring, as all eyes are on them.

‘Every gift from a loved one is a wish for your happiness.’

Albert Camus

Here is a list of celebrity hottest diamond engagement rings that are surely eye-catching:

Princess Diana
Lady Spencer was just 16 when she met her prince charming Charles in the year 1977. Prince Charles proposed the engagement in Buckingham Palace at a private dinner 3 years later. This mind-blowing piece of royalty has 12- carat Ceylon sapphire with 18 carat white gold and 14 solitaire diamonds.

This sapphire ring then became the family tradition, in the year 2011 Prince William married Catherine and proposed with his mother’s engagement ring. Original value of the ring was $37000 with today’s market value of $500,000.

Jennifer Aniston
American television sitcom “Friends” has always been my top favourite and the most favourite couple of all was of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston. They got engaged in 2012 and got married in 2015, however most heart-breaking new was when they announced their separation 3 years later. Their proof was love was an 8-carat emerald cut diamond ring having an assessed value of $500,000.

Mariah Carey
This American songwriter and singer is known for her luxurious style and what brought her more into the limelight was her Wilfredo Rasado designed 35-carat ring. It was given to her by her Australian billionaire lover. The emerald cut, solitaire style diamond is mounted on a white gold ring with an estimated worth of £8 million.

Victoria Beckham
The love story of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham is not hidden from the world and would remain the most spiced up affair for the audiences. As a token of love, she endorses and enormous 17-carat pear shaped diamond engagement ring.

Angelina Jolie
Brangelina’s breakup news was the hardest to digest of all times however we cannot ignore the fact that Brad Pitt made and ultimate choice when it was about finding the right ring for Angelina Jolie. It was in the rumours that he spent almost a year with the leading jewellery designer Robert Procop to get a table cut diamond ring designed for his lover. Showcasing a 16-carat engagement ring, Jolie wears a sparkling diamond ring work $500,000.

Celebrity engagement rings are definitely getting bigger and costlier. Diamonds prove to be first choice for any couple but unsurprisingly comes with a price tag. If you are looking for the latest the give emerald cut eternity band a try. Eternity rings are the latest, it is available in numerous sizes and designs where oval eternity band seem to be hitting the chart.

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